Interior Idea Contest

Idea contest for individualization of the car interior.

Project status: Completed

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On January 31st 2011, David L., visited the BMW Group Headquarters in Munich, Germany. David’s idea “Colour Matching Camera” was selected as winning submission of the Interior Idea Contest by a high-profile jury of representatives from the BMW Group and experts in the fields of automotive transportation. As part of his visit, David discussed his idea and ways of a possible realization with the developers of BMW's Research and Innovation Centre. David lives in the UK and has a technical engineering background.

The BMW Group Interior Idea Contest seeked new and innovative ideas how to personalize the interior in vehicles and how this personalization can be realized. Both, physical products and immaterial services that make the car interior fit perfectly to individual needs were covered. Participants were able to submit their ideas in three categories: 1) function and convenience, 2) style and design, 3) experience.

In total, more than 1.100 members submitted 750 ideas within the contest period. They provided 28.000 evaluations, 13.500 comments and 8.000 messages. Also, more than 1.200 interior designs were made with a configuration tool. The most active participants submitted more than 100 ideas and made more than 3.000 evaluations.

Project topics

  • Interior and exterior design
  • Accessories and lifestyle

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