Terms of use

Goals of the Co-Creation Lab

The goal of the Co-Creation Lab is to provide a virtual meeting place for individuals interested in cars and all related topics, who want to collaborate with the BMW AG team in a variety of innovation-related projects and initiatives. Hereby, the customer integration initiatives can take a variety of forms, ranging from the development of new ideas, concepts or solutions to the evaluation, testing and enrichment of existing ideas. After registration participants are invited to participate in selected customer integration initiatives and either develop new ideas, concepts or solutions or evaluate, test and enrich existing ideas.

The ideas of the Co-Creation Lab will be reviewed by internal experts of the BMW AG in order to evaluate and analyze trends, ideas, and needs concerning the respective project. Where applicable ideas of the Co-Creation Lab will be presented to persons outside of the BMW AG in an anonymous form, for example at forums for discussion. Information about the participant and his / her opinion will not be revealed.

The participants IP-address will be stored for a period of 14 days, in order to guarantee a correct data processing; afterwards it will be completely deleted. On behalf of the BMW AG, the Hyve AG will collect and evaluate your data in an anonymous form for analyzing trends, ideas, and needs concerning the respective project.

1 Participation

The participant of the Co-Creation Lab agrees not to make information accessible to third-parties, which are directly necessary for using the Co-Creation Lab. This includes in particular username and password.

2 Right of use

You hereby assign the right of use attaching to your contributions to the Co-Creation Lab without any limitation in terms of geography, time or content, which right includes the right to use, perform, exhibit, broadcast/transmit, distribute, duplicate process amend and transfer (to third parties) as well as the right to save the contribution in any form whatsoever to BMW without any further conditions and without any additional consideration.

3 Third-party rights

The participant expressly assures that all content provided by him (including pictures) does not infringe any copyright or other property rights of third parties (for instance brands or business identifiers, right at the own picture) respectively that content, for which a third-party obtains such rights, is explicitly authorized for distribution and that the content is no company secret.

4 Contact possibility

Your email address, in case you provided it, will be stored in the Co-Creation Lab. Your email address will be used to get in contact with you and to give you feedback on your contributions.

5 Final clause

These terms of use become effective with immediate effect. The BMW AG is able to change the terms of use at any time and without giving reasons. The most recent version of the terms of use is applicable. These terms of use are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Exclusive jurisdiction for all and any disputes is Munich.

The information you provide with your answers will be collected, processed and used by the Hyve AG on behalf of the BMW AG. Your personal data is used in strict accordance with German data protection laws and is only intended for the BMW AG. Processing of your data to any other parties, except in anonymous form, will not take place.